GeoHack 2024

May 30-31, 2024 - right after GeoPython 2024

The GeoHack, first held in 2023, brings together developers, designers, and data scientists from around the world to collaborate and be creative in the field of geodata technology. This exciting hackathon provides a unique platform for talented minds to develop innovative solutions to challenges in the field of geoinformatics.

With the motto "Transcending Boundaries, Expanding Horizons," we encourage participants to unleash their creative skills and create innovative solutions for real-world applications.

GeoHack 2024 focuses on integrating geodata into various industries, from environmental protection to urban planning.

The event will be conducted in various competition categories to ensure that participants can demonstrate their skills in various aspects of geodata technology.

From developing user-friendly applications to using machine learning to solve complex geographical problems, GeoHack 2024 offers a wide range of challenges.

Participants have the opportunity not only to expand their expertise but also to network with like-minded individuals and form potential partnerships for future projects. In addition, industry experts will offer workshops and lectures to promote knowledge exchange and introduce participants to the latest trends in geodata technology. We look forward to seeing the creative ideas and innovative solutions that will emerge during GeoHack 2024 and to exploring and expanding the boundaries of geodata technology together.

More information will be available soon. Registration will open February 15, 2024.